FOR THE YEAR 2013-14


1. Leadership Development Training of Minority Women(Sponsored by MoMA, GOI) Sanctioned No-8-7/2012-Leadership Training for Minority Women.

Total 5Nos. Leadership Development Training for Minority Women sponsored by MoMA, GOI, conducted in Kamrup (R) &Barpeta Districts specially for Empowerment of Women on different specific issues eg. Health & Family Welfare Reproductive & Child Health, Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health, Swacchh Bharat, Sanitation, Safe Drinking Water. Justice & Legal Issues, Domestic Violence etc. The detail programme conducted as below:

Sl. No. Period
Place Total Beneficiaries Covered
1. 8th to 13th November 2013
Kayakuchi, Barpeta
25 Nos.
2. 23rd Nov. to 28th Nov. 2013
Notboma, Hatigaon, Guwahati
25 Nos.
3. 30th Nov. to 5th Dec. 2013
Sijubari, Guwahati
25 Nos.
4. 14th Dec. to 19th Dec. 2013
Bhetapara, Guwahati
25 Nos.
5. 24th to 29th Dec. 2013
Panjabari, Guwahati
25 Nos.
2 .Daylong Training to ASHAs AWW & Community Mobilizer as per Agreement  MoU Singed RWUAA/WSSO/PHED/ASSAM/49 2014-15/13754  dated-28/08/2014

Total programme conducted in

Sl. No. Date Duration Place
1. 17.10.13 1day Japorigog H.S. Lane, Sundarpur, Guwahati
30 Nos.
2. 29.10.13 1day Rani, H.S
38 Nos.
3. 01.12.13 1day Na BelguriL.P.School
41 Nos.
4. 03.12.13 1day Upardani ME School
37 Nos.
5. 06.12.13 1day Bonmoja L.P. School
36 Nos.
6. 12.12.13 1day Dhopatari PHC Sub Centre
36 Nos.
3 .Design Development Workshop sponsored by O/o DC (H) NER, GOI.

Sanctioned No. D&TD workshop DC (H) J-12012/3/2013-14/DS (NER)/GRP/Gen/4221

Sl. No.

Place Conducted


Total Beneficiaries


1. Balavita, Dist.-Barpeta 15days 25Nos. Cane & Bamboo (H)
4 .“Awareness Generation Campaign” Empowerment of Women Specially Rural Poor sponsored by Central Social Welfare Board, GOA.
Sl. No. Date Place Duration Total Beneficiaries
1. 20th& 21st February 2014 Bongaon (Golaghat) 2days 25Nos.
2. 22nd& 23rd February 2014 Kacharihat (Golaghat) 2days 26Nos.
3. 7th& 8th March 2014 Tarfat (Golaghat) 2days 26Nos.
4. 9th& 10th March 2014 Darrangigaon (Golaghat) 2days 25Nos.
5. 11th& 12th March 2014 Sialekhati (Golaghat) 2days 25Nos.
5. Skill Development Training of Schedule Caste Women on Jute (H)

Sponsored by—Deptt. of Schedule Caste Development, Govt. of Assam.                         
3months duration Trade Jute (Handicrafts).

Sl. No. Date Place Duration Total Beneficiaries
1. 1.12.13 Dec to 28.02.14 Feb Jaipur (Kharghuli) 3 months 25Nos.
6. Training to Adolescent “SABLA SCHEME”

Sponsored by Deptt.of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam
Vide no. DSW/ICDS/G/61/2011/107 dated-25/03/2013

Sl. No. District Date Place Total Beneficiaries
1. Kamrup (Metro) ICDS Project April, May & June 146 AW Centres 760
7. CABA MDTP Centre-Computer Education under Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

2 batches cover each year - January to December - 22Nos.
July to June - 20Nos.